IoT solutions for water network performance and monitoring

The SOFREL LS/LT product range consists of Data Loggers specifically designed for water networks. Watertight, operational for up to 10 years thanks to their high-capacity lithium battery, fitted with a high-performance 2G/3G antenna, the Data Loggers are compatible with all instruments used in water networks.

Very simple to set up and easy to use thanks to the SOFREL PCWin2 and WEB LS software, the Data Loggers are also able to communicate with all commercially available SCADA systems and with the major third party water operator applications.

A robust and sustainable design capable to adapt to harsh environments

The constraints associated with water networks have been clearly defined:

  • Subterranean device installation
  • Risk of prolonged flooding
  • Weak reception of radio waves
  • Isolated and difficult-to-reach sites

In response to these constraints, LACROIX Sofrel proposes a range of Data Loggers widely acknowledged for its robustness and reliability.

Thanks to their high-quality electronic and mechanical design, these devices are provided with a 3-year warranty.

SOFREL LX Data Loggers key strenghts

SOFREL LS and LT Data Loggers have won prizes at international trade fairs and been widely adopted by water network operators all over the world.
Since the range was first launched, specific features and uses connected to water management have been introduced to enhance the SOFREL data logger offer. Currently, hundreds of thousands of devices deployed on isolated sites and subject to severe conditions in the field (humidity, absence of electricity, intermittent GSM reception, etc.) supply daily data used to monitor and react to water network performance levels.

Robust and innovative products in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) market, SOFREL LX models provide numerous benefits.

Reinforced IP68 watertightness

Most often placed in manholes, the SOFREL data logger is frequently subjected to submersion phenomena. Thanks to its closure system and its military-style connector, the IoT SOFREL enjoys reinforced IP68 classification (certified 200 days under 2m), enabling it to function even when the manhole is flooded.

While strictly watertight, the user can open their data logger on site (no factory return required) to access the SIM card and battery,
With its ring and locking system, a simple “twist of the hand” is all it takes to close up your equipment and make it entirely watertight,

water proof IP68 data logger

The battery and energy management system offer up to 10 years of power...

Battery lithium powered

Depending on the model and its use, the high-capacity internal battery provides power for up to 10 years.

With its low energy consumption, the data logger can reduce maintenance costs for your fleet (fewer battery replacement operations).

Furthermore, it is possible to anticipate expiry of the battery by  analysing the remaining energy. As such, replacing the battery takes just a few minutes (no factory return required), without loss of use of the product.

…or external power source for real-time network operation

On the FLEX version (external deployable antenna) of the data logger it is now possible to power the device with an external source. A photovoltaic kit, micro turbines, an external battery, or simply a mains power supply when the site is connected to the electricity network, make it possible to operate the data logger without worrying about saving the energy of the internal battery.
The data logger thus equipped can communicate more frequently with centralisation systems and power sensors with a high energy consumption (physico-chemical, speed, etc.)

Simplified start-up

The device is configured wirelessly via the PC’s Bluetooth connection. This makes it possible to intervene in complete safety close to the manhole.

The operator is guided by the SOFTOOLS configuration software. This software is characterised by its highly intuitive visual aspect. It takes just a few minutes to get your data logger up and running.

With the SOFREL WEB LS application, it will always be possible to remotely modify the configuration of your data logger.

Easy set up

Data transmission, our core competence

Data transmission IoT

Since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel has specialized in the field of teletransmissions and in particular wireless communication technologies. A company that is now at the forefront of the field and thanks to strong investments in R&D, LACROIX Sofrel has designed data loggers incorporating a very high-performance 2G/3G antenna:

  • Product design established around the antenna
  • Numerous laboratory tests
  • Antenna specifically designed to operate underground

In case of high signal attenuation in the manhole, the FLEX version allows you to use either the internal antenna or an external antenna. This version allows to adapt to all field situations and saves time during the implementation of the product.
Also during installation, the data logger offers functions to test the best GSM operator and the signal reception level in order to set up the data logger in an optimal way.

Discover the IoT data loggers for drinking water networks: remote reading of consumption, district metering, pressure management, etc.

  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LS-Flow

    Data logger SOFREL LS-Flow

    Serial port communication with flow meters AquaMaster (ABB) MAG8000 (SIEMENS), WATERFLUX (KROHNE) or OCTAVE (ARAD) flow meters

    learn more

  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LS42

    Data logger SOFREL LS42

    Single and double direction district meter consumption index monitoring


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LS-10

    Data logger SOFREL LS10

    Single district meter consumption index monitoring


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LS-V

    Data logger SOFREL LS-V

    Pressure monitoring and control of a regulation valve


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LS-P

    Data logger SOFREL LS-P

    Monitoring of 1 or 2 pressure sensors


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL NEO

    Data logger SOFREL NEO

    Designed for all drinking water use cases (in selected countries)


Discover IoT data loggers for wastewater and rainwater networks: self-monitoring, permanent diagnosis, water quality monitoring...

  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LT-Radar

    Data logger SOFREL LT-Radar

    Control of 1 radar level sensor for height measurement and overflow detection


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LT42

    Data logger SOFREL LT42

    Control of 1 or 2 nivel sensors or radars and overflow detection


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LT-US

    Data logger SOFREL LT-US

    Equipped with an ultrasonic probe for height measurement and overflow detection


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL LT-US Atex

    Data logger SOFREL LT-US Atex

    Equipped with an ultrasonic probe for height measurement and overflow detection in an explosive environment


  • Data logger IOT SOFREL NEO

    Data logger SOFREL NEO

    Designed for all wastewater use cases (in selected countries)


See the SOFREL LS application cases in video

See the SOFREL LT application cases in video

The advantages of the product

Avantages IP68
Reinforced IP68 waterproofing certified 200 days under 2 m of water
Avantages battery life
Long-lasting lithium battery power supply: up to 10 years of autonomy
Avantages Flex
Integrated high performance antenna and possibility of using an external antenna
Avantages 2G-3G quality check
Reception test of the best 2G / 3G operator
Avantages opening case
Access to SIM card and battery on site
Avantages 3 ans garantie
3-year manufacturer's warranty