Managing a telemetry network involves centralization of all information from the sites. The SCADA central station thus serves as a gateway between the devices spread across the terrain and the operator responsible for analyzing and operating the network.
To facilitate the operational performance of contract operators, LACROIX offers several solutions for centralisation of data from its telemetry devices.
The LX SCADA or SOFREL PCWin2 supervisor solutions are easy to implement and very user-friendly.
The SOFREL OPC server also centralizes network data and transmits it to the contract operator’s third-party systems. Plus, the remote terminal units and data loggers are open to the main supervisors on the market.

Remote monitoring and control solutions



    SCADA central station for telemetry via PC for network supervision and exploitation of data from SOFREL data loggers and remote terminal units.


Gateway and communication server

  • SOFREL FR4000

    Communication gateway SOFREL FR4000

    A gateway for opening networks of SOFREL telemetry devices to supervisory control software systems


Compatibility with industrial supervisory control software systems

Our remote terminal units and data loggers are open to the main supervisors in the market via SOFREL protocols, SOFREL’s WEB LS web services interface, the FR4000 software gateway, or the SOFREL OPC server.

See the complete list of compatible supervisors