What is the purpose of
LACROIX Sofrel ?

We at LACROIX SOFREL are specialists in the design and construction of telemetry and SCADA products for technical installations and of communicating data loggers for district metering leak detection on water networks.

Partnering the biggest contract operators of water and heating networks and of local and regional authorities since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel is now hailed as the French market leader in telemetry and SCADA. A subsidiary of the LACROIX industrial Group (4 000 employees and 468M€ revenue) and having extensive research and development resources, LACROIX Sofrel offers the guarantee of a sustainable company.

Many installations all over the world testify to its experience in numerous fields of application: water distribution, waste water treatment, irrigation, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas, electricity, etc.

A technological expertise...

Smart Technologies

Organized in skills clusters, LACROIX Sofrel’s design and engineering department masters all the technologies used in a telemetry and SCADA network (acquisition, communication, process control, low consumption, etc). LACROIX Sofrel develops its entire range in-house with a twofold objective of Innovation and Quality, to offer you the most advanced and sustainable functionalities.

We implement the most modern quality method throughout the hardware and software development stages, thereby ensuring the constantly improving performance of SOFREL products.

... and local presence to offer you the best in telemetry and SCADA

With a view to being ever more available and closer to you, LACROIX SOFREL has established a network of sales offices, subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Singapour and partners abroad (see list of our partners). This presence on the ground is supported by a team of sales engineers based at head office who advise you, work on your projects and offer you the most appropriate telemetry and SCADA solutions.

Besides offering guidance in the study of your needs, Lacroix Sofrel endeavours to offer you the best customer services: assistance in start-up, training to optimize the use of products (approved training centre), a free help line manned by industry specialists…

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A message from the CEO


Our method: connecting people, technology and systems. We connect people, technologies and systems. We won’t succeed on our own; we’ll only succeed in harmony with our environment, our customers and partners, and with motivated and forward-thinking staff.

Vincent Bedouin, Chairman and CEO

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Key figures


39 M€ revenue
Partner network in
40 countries
Sofrel colaborators
500 000 installations worldwide
A customer service department with 35 technicians
10% of annual Turnover invested in R&D

Our network of SOFREL Distributors around the world

Our commercial presence in the world is based on a network of official SOFREL Distributors comprised of technicians / engineers specialised in the water and energy sectors. This enables us to be close to your geographical area in order to provide you with the best possible support throughout the various stages of your remote management projects.

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