Telemetry: a tool to help you address the challenges of water and energy management

Due to the increasing scarcity of water, energy and raw materials, it is essential to optimise how they are used and to limit the impact of human activities on the environment.

In this age of digital revolution and connected objects, LACROIX’s choice to use a smart environment reflects its commitment to harness the finest technologies which benefit both people and the environment.

Our operator customers are facing many challenges. How can I make my distribution network more efficient? How can I optimise my energy consumption?
How can I improve my management and share information on my projects? These are just some of the questions which drive the LACROIX teams to provide you with innovative and long-lasting solutions.

Developing solutions to help you meet your challenges

For more than 50 years, LACROIX has been developing solutions for remotely monitoring and managing technical installations. SOFREL products are designed to support the performance of water and energy operators by enabling them to:


  • Monitor their facilities on an ongoing basis
  • Be immediately alerted in case of problems
  • Remotely manage their equipment
  • Automate the operation of their facilities
  • Record operating data
  • Improve network performance
  • Ensure the energy efficiency of facilities
  • Optimize resource management
  • Protect the environment….

Your needs for remote management of water networks

water management

Managing and monitoring all installations involved in the water cycle

Telemetry, automating technical installations, district metering, monitoring isolated sites, calculations and sending self-monitoring data…