Getting involved in the major challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants…

All around the world, our customers are facing major challenges, such as providing access to drinking water, sanitising the wastewater of a world population which will grow from 7 to 9 billion people by 2050, reducing energy consumption and improving communal housing in the face of increasing urbanisation and climate change.

These major societal challenges have been core to LACROIX Sofrel’s identity for many years now. Our teams are fully committed to finding solutions which enable water and energy network operators to successfully carry out their work.

… by harnessing new technologies to accommodate our customers’ new applications.

LACROIX Sofrel aims to be proactive by considering how future water and energy resources will be used. Due to the effects of global warming, increasing resource scarcity and our need to protect the environment, their usage will change. Water and energy operators in France and around the world as well as elected officials are well aware of these new major challenges and wish to adopt a more responsible approach. This is possible through LACROIX Sofrel’s connected solutions.

The emergence of Big Data, the IoT and new communication technologies has provided our R&D teams with a constant stream of inspiration. Our combined expertise in electronics, industrial computing, telecommunications and cybersecurity has enabled us to develop new and increasingly innovative products for simplifying and securing the remote management of installations. Our thorough understanding of our customers’ businesses and our commitment to providing products which are both easy to use and extremely reliable have enabled us to build a solid and lasting relationship with our customers. For more than 45 years, we have been committed to providing innovative and long-term solutions in order to accommodate all our customers’ needs so that they can better manage, automate and secure their infrastructure networks while conserving natural resources.

Vincent Bedouin
Chief Executive Officer