A range of sensors to suit all your specific applications

For flow and pressure monitoring applications, level measurements in reservoirs and lifting stations, detection of overflows in Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), flow measurements in open channels… we propose a whole range of sensors and instruments qualified for optimal operation with SOFREL RTU and Data loggers.

For your water network instrumentation needs, we offer you a global and integrated solution to benefit from all LACROIX’s support and expertise:

  • You benefit from the advice of our teams to identify the best solution for your instrumentation needs
  • A turnkey solution to facilitate sensor installation
  • SOFREL sensors are specifically validated to work with SOFREL products and designed to offer the best performance (accuracy, autonomy)
  • With a single point of contact for the entire data chain, from centralization to sensors, remote management stations and data loggers, you’re choosing security
  • And always free hotline support


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Our sensors and instruments range

  • Water sensor

    Level sensors

    Level sensors for drinking water & waste water networks


  • SOFREL water pressure sensor

    Pressure sensor

    Pressure sensors for water distribution networks


  • SOFREL water quality sensors

    Quality sensors

    Chlorine measurement, groundwater quality and level measurement