An “open” Modbus data logger to interface with all water network instrumentation

Universally, the DL4W OpenSensor High Power data logger meets all the communication needs of isolated sites on water and wastewater networks.

Through its RS-485 serial input it offers openness and compatibility with all Modbus-RTU equipment (sensors, radars, flow meters) present on these networks.

With the DL4W OpenSensor HP it is possible to remotely supply 12V and 20V (2W maximum), control up to 8 sensors and read 14 registers.

In addition, the data logger has 2 DIs for pulse counting, signalling the opening of the manhole cover or monitoring an overflow sensor or a rain gauge. The AI allows it to control a pressure sensor or other 4-20mA sensor as well as an autonomous sampler.

Main functions

This open Modbus model allows the DL4W OpenSensor data loggers to meet the monitoring needs of both drinking water and wastewater networks. The High Power model is pre-equipped with a connector allowing the connection of an ultrasonic level probe and is usually used for self-monitoring and permanent diagnostic needs:

  • Connection to overflow sensors (SOFREL CSV or others)
  • Level measurement via its 4-20 mA ultrasonic sensor
  • Calculation of the number and time of daily overflows
  • Time stamping of each overflow passage
  • Automatic archiving of the water height in the bypass channel according to variable time periods (e.g.: acceleration of measurements during rainy episodes)
  • Autonomous sampler control
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Physico-chemical measurements
  • Velocity measurement…

Sensor configuration fully integrated in SOFTOOLS

Softools, the SOFREL data logger configuration software, manages the configuration of Modbus equipment connected to the data logger. Particularly user-friendly, a few clicks are enough to set up the interrogation periods, the management of the sensors and radars warm-up times and the definition of the Modbus registers.

An optimal solution for powering the most energy-intensive sensors

Thanks to its internal battery, the DL4W-High Power model delivers a voltage of 12V or 20V (up to a maximum of 2W) to power sensors or radars for many years and make the measurement solution completely autonomous.
In addition, it is possible to opt for the EPS version (External Power Supply) which offers the possibility to supply the data logger by an external source (battery, mains, solar panel, microturbine…). This option allows to:

  • Supply electricity to the most energy consuming sensors
  • Realize more frequent measurements
  • Communicate information to SCADA in real time
  • Communicate thresholds to a SOFREL RTU each time they are exceeded to control a remote site
  • No longer limit the operation of data loggers to save battery life…