Telemetry for managing and monitoring separate water service sites

Telemetry is used at all levels of the drinking water supply network. It is essential and has become the unifying link which enables the water network operator to constantly monitor and manage all types of installations remotely.

Catchment / Drilling / Pumping

Groundwater collected from deep in the water table or surface water collected directly from rivers and lakes is pumped and pressurised to be sent to water treatment plants.

Our telemetry solutions enable you to manage the pumping while optimising the energy costs…


pumping and drilling station

Treatment / Purification

Water treatment plants are responsible for turning untreated water into drinking water via natural and biological processes such as filtration, decantation, bacterial cultures, etc. Water is also disinfected through precise chemical dosing.

All the stages of the drinking water treatment process are managed using our telemetry solutions which also monitor water quality and automate pumping to the reservoirs…

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water treatment plant-2

Drinking water Reservoir

In addition to storing water, the reservoirs also raise the water in order to provide the pressure required for it to circulate in the network. Telemetry makes it possible to carry out 24/7 monitoring of isolated installations, to regularly monitor the level in reservoirs using sensors and to send alerts if there is an overflow or insufficient water.

Intersite communications enable reservoirs to operate remote pumping stations to supply themselves with water…

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water reservoir