The centralization of information is key to operational performance. The central station or supervisor acts as an essential gateway, connecting equipment distributed in the field to the operator responsible for analyzing and operating the network.

To facilitate remote monitoring, LACROIX offers the LX SCADA and SOFREL PCWin2 supervisors. These solutions benefit from easy implementation and user-friendly simplicity. They allow operators to remotely visualize the status of communications and telemetry equipment through dashboards, charts, and synoptics.

Our LX SCADA and SOFREL PCWin2 supervisors offer more than just visualization tools. They enable operators to monitor and control their technical installations, efficiently regulate critical parameters remotely, and be alerted in real-time to any failures. With a 360° view of the facilities, these supervisors ensure increased responsiveness and facilitate informed decision-making. Suitable for water and HVAC networks, SOFREL PCWin2 and LX SCADA ensure efficient management, maximizing the efficiency of their installations.

Our solutions for the remote supervision and operation of telemetry networks

  • LX SCADA laptop


    Full-web and interoperable supervisor for monitoring and control of water networks and HVAC installations.




    Central station supervisor on PC for network supervision and operation of data from SOFREL RTUs and data loggers.