SOFREL LS-V data loggers have four DI inputs and two AI inputs.They can be connected to multiple district water meters and managed via their electrically-controlled solenoid valve for pressure regulation.

Recommended uses

  • Pressure monitoring and control
  • Monitor reducers, stabilisers and regulators
  • Service quality level measurement
  • Two-stage control valve operation
  • System pressure optimisation according to a time slot, a flow rate or a pressure level
  • Variation of the reservoir levels in equilibrium
  • Sanitation purge execution
  • Network part isolation

General Features

  • 4 digital inputs for standard metering, signalling
  • 2 analog inputs for SOFREL pressure sensors or remote powering of third-party sensor
  • Weekly schedule management : pressure changeover :
    • Up to 4 time slots for each day for normal pressure state
    • Programming 1 to 5 thresholds and time period of low pressure holding time between each time slote
  • Calculation of average flows
  • Calculation of night flows
  • Calculation of daily volumes, daily minimum and maximum flow
  • Alert transmitted to mobile via SMS uponchange in DI state, exceeded threshold, sensor fault…l
  • Periodic, programmed or event-based communication with 1 or 2 PCs

Download SOFREL LS-V data sheet