SOFREL LS42 data loggers have four DI inputs and two AI inputs as an option. They can be connected to multiple unidirectional or bidirectional district water meters to record the number of pulses.

Recommended uses

Remote reading of “major consumers” meters

The L42s monitor the daily consumption of “major consumers” such as industrial companies, resorts, hospitals, etc. In the event of any irregularity in water consumption, the alarm function can alert the operator as well as the customer of the change in volume consumed.
The LS42s can also be used to help with billing customers.

Remote reading of interconnection meters

The LS42s can be used for drinking water distribution network interconnections between two municipalities to monitor the volume of water sent between the two networks.

District metering

The goal of LS42 data loggers is to improve the efficiency and performance of the drinking water network by detecting areas of leakage (particularly by calculating the night-time flow rate). It is also possible to monitor pressure using the AI inputs and to send alerts in the event of a problem occurring before or after a pipe.

General Features

  • 4 digital inputs for standard metering, signalling
  • 2 analog inputs for SOFREL pressure sensors or remote powering of third-party sensors
  • Calculation of average flows
  • Calculation of night flows
  • Calculation of daily volumes, daily minimum and maximum flows
  • Alert transmitted to mobile via SMS uponchange in DI state, exceeded threshold, sensor fault…
  • Periodic, programmed or event-based communication with 1 or 2 PC

Download data sheet SOFREL LS42