Water networks have evolved with increased instrumentation and communication, resulting in a wealth of often complex data. This abundance raises crucial questions: How much time should be dedicated each day to analyzing this data? How can we ensure not to miss critical information? How can anomalies be identified and characterized? AQUAWIZE is here to provide concrete solutions to enhance the performance of your water distribution networks.

AQUAWIZE, the digital application for automated analysis of your DMA data

Complementary to supervision, AQUAWIZE offers in-depth analysis of field data through multi-dimensional dashboards available via a SaaS subscription. Its business dashboards are specially designed to meet various data analysis scenarios. For water utilities, AQUAWIZE provides all the performance indicators needed for more efficient water distribution operations. Its advanced performance module automatically identifies and qualifies anomalies using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

AQUAWIZE’s application dedicated to improving the performance of drinking water networks has been adopted by several utilities and has enabled them to:

  • Detect leaks that even experts could miss
  • Significantly increase their efficiency rate
  • Enhance network maintenance efficiency
  • Identify leak-prone areas
  • Inform water network investment decisions
  • Contribute to the sustainability of water resources

How does AQUAWIZE work for DMA monitoring and improving the performance of water networks? ?

By correlating subscriber meter data with DMA information, AQUAWIZE highlights underperforming sectors on a dynamic map. It identifies leaks in real time and assesses the overall efficiency of the network.

Installed remotely via an Iframe on the operator’s side, AQUAWIZE integrates seamlessly into the operator’s supervision tool without changing their working environment.
The artificial intelligence algorithm, after a learning phase in collaboration with network experts, automates data analysis.
Initially, the operator qualifies each anomaly in the system. Eventually, the AI model acquires the operator’s skills, enabling them to focus on decision-making, proactive maintenance, and problem prevention in vulnerable areas, instead of scrutinizing graphs for hours on end.

Repetitive data processing tasks are significantly reduced, by up to 96%. What previously occupied the operator for 2 hours a day in data analysis now takes just 5 minutes, thanks to AQUAWIZE. In addition to this time advantage, the solution helps technicians make better decisions more quickly.

Presentation of AQUAWIZE by the Nevers Agglomeration Water Authority

An innovative multi-award-winning solution

The AQUAWIZE solution, which relies on operators’ knowledge to feed machine learning, has won numerous international awards (WAICF Cannes, CES Las Vegas, Water Europe Innovation Award, etc.).

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