An “open” Modbus data logger to interface with all water network instrumentation

Universally, the DL4W OpenSensor Low Power data logger meets all the communication needs of isolated sites on water and wastewater networks.

Through its RS-485 serial input it offers openness and compatibility with all Modbus-RTU equipment (sensors, radars, flow meters) present on these networks.

With the DL4W OpenSensor LP it is possible to remotely supply 0V, 5V and 12V (0,8W maximum), control up to 8 sensors and read 14 registers.

In addition, the data logger has 2 DIs to read the indexes of the district or interconnection meters, to manage ” two-way” type meters and to signal the opening of the manhole cover. Its AI allows it, among other things, to supply and control a 4-20mA pressure sensor.

Main functions

This open Modbus model allows the DL4W OpenSensor data loggers to meet the monitoring needs of both drinking water and wastewater networks.
The Low Power model can deliver a neutral voltage of 0V compatible with flowmeters already powered by their own source as well as low voltages of 5V and 12V particularly suitable for remote powering of pressure or quality sensors; it is usually used for remote reading of flowmeters or controlling quality sensors:

  • Remote reading of “large consumers” and detection of consumption anomalies
  • Remote reading of interconnection meters and flowmeters
  • District metering of drinking water network distribution
  • Measurement of pressure and quality of service level
  • Monitoring of water quality indicators (pH, chlorine, conductivity, etc.)
  • Immediate alert in case of pollution detection in the network…

Sensor configuration fully integrated in SOFTOOLS

Softools, the SOFREL data logger configuration software, manages the configuration of Modbus equipment connected to the data logger. Particularly user-friendly, a few clicks are enough to set up the interrogation periods, the management of the sensors and radars warm-up times and the definition of the Modbus registers.