SOFREL NEO helps water utilities and operators to meet everyday challenges. Waterproof (IP68), battery powered, robust and very easy to install, this solution is designed for installation in underground water manholes subjected to immersion phenomena and aggressive environment.

A data logger available for selected countries, contact us for more info

A new SOFREL data logger compatible with 4G-M2M telecommunication networks

SOFREL NEO benefits of the 4G M2M technologies in LTE-M & NB-IoT mode. Focused on the requirements of the IoT objects for water, these communication technologies allow optimal use of the SOFREL NEO features.

Processing embedded data loggers functions, SOFREL NEO makes pre-calculation of monitoring indicator (volume, overflows, …), records data by primary and secondary archiving of each Analog Input, and do the transmission with a great reliability.

SOFREL NEO monitors water metering and flows, registers data, calculates flow rates and transmit all these data periodically or on event detection to SCADA systems.

SOFREL NEO: a range of data loggers designed for water & wastewater use cases

The SOFREL NEO range is divided in 2 mains applications: drinking water and wastewater. In these 2 parts, thanks to a dedicated software SOFREL NEO allows you to cover specific water uses :

Drinking water networks performance monitoring

  • SOFREL NEO LC for remote reading of major consumers (2DI)
  • SOFREL NEO DMA for district metering, leak detection, pressure measurement & pollution detection (2DI/2AI)
  • SOFREL NEO CWT for monitoring of pressure and water quality indicators (2AI)

Wastewater and rain water collection networks monitoring

  • SOFREL NEO SWW for sewage overflow detection & self-monitoring (2DI)
  • SOFREL NEO CWW for permanent diagnostics, overflow detection & level measurement (2DI/2AI)
  • SOFREL NEO WWQ for monitoring of wastewater quality via physico-chemical sensors (2AI)
Data logger NEO use cases

Data loggers SOFREL NEO on video