Flow Measurement in ATEX environment

Energy autonomous, equipped with a high-performance GSM antenna, watertight (IP68), the SOFREL LT-US EX meets the instrumentation needs of water networks.

Thanks to its ultrasonic sensor for level measurement, the LT-US EX data logger enables continuous monitoring of flow into collectors or discharges into the natural environment.

Simple to set up, offering excellent autonomy (battery powered), the LT-US EXprovides a perfectly optimized solution for the control and exploitation of waste water and rainwater networks.

A strong data logger for ATEX environment

Installed underground, without power supply, operating in a very humid and potentially explosive environment, SOFREL LT-US ATEX, frees itself from all constraints thanks to :

  • The certified ATEX zone 2 box
  • The certified ATEX zone 1 ultrasound sensor,
  • The internal battery (10 year of autonomy),
  • The 2G/3G integrated antenna, high performances, especially designed for underground use.

Download SOFREL LT-US Atex Datasheet

An ultrasonic sensor fully managed by the data logger

Fully integrated and directly supplied by LT-US ATEX, the ultrasonic sensor provides an accurate measurement of the height of the effluent. The double archiving step allows overflow’s detection directly by ultrasonic sensor measurement. Benefit is maintenance which is considerably reduced compared to a solution with an underwater detector.

Located in ATEX zone 1, the ultrasonic sensor measures the height as close as possible to the effluent. The 5 or 10m cable allows the data logger to be kept in the ATEX 2 zone.

Data_logger ATEW_waterproof_IP68