Customer technical assistance

LACROIX is a manufacturer of remote management products particularly committed to the total and lasting satisfaction of its customers.
To meet this objective, LACROIX offers various services covering the entire life cycle of a remote management system: training, hotline, web technical space…

For users of our remote management products, it is essential to be able to rely on their equipment to carry out their missions.
We offer a Customer Technical Service with team members committed to satisfying the users of our products.

Consisting of some 20 engineers and technicians specialising in SOFREL telemetry and SCADA products, the technical department is organised into Water and Energy business hubs.

If necessary, our technicians can remotely log onto your devices to run remote diagnostics.

An answer to each of your needs

LACROIX Environment Customer Technical Department’s


The technical service teams have strong language skills (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese…). They are able to provide answers to problems submitted by customers around the world.

The technical service is multi-channel, it is possible to contact a technician at the number: +33 (0)2 99 04 89 72 or via email: