An effective response to combined sewer overflow self-monitoring needs

Equipped with complex archiving functions, LT data loggers enable remote management of combined sewer overflows, diagnostics on waste and rain water networks and the supply of data related to auto-monitoring to operators.

Essential tools for monitoring discharge and self-monitoring of waste water networks, SOFREL LT data loggers are perfectly suited to installation constraints in buried combined sewer overflows :

  • reinforced watertightness (IP68 certified 200 days – 2m of water),
  • powered by very long life batteries (up to 10 years),
  • 2G/4G communication,
  • simple to install and operate…

Main functions

Offering 4 digital inputs (DI) for event signalling (buffer opening, occurrence of overflows, sensor faults, etc.) and 2 optional analogue inputs (AI) (level measurement), the SOFREL LT42 combines functions which enable it to:

  • Connect to overflow sensors (SOFREL CSV or others)
  • Measure the level via 4-20 mA ultrasound sensors (sensor directly powered by LT42 at 12V)
  • Calculate daily overflow numbers and times
  • Control an autonomous sampler
  • Automatically archive water height according to variable time periods (e.g. power supply for ultrasound sensor and recording of level during periods of rain)
  • SMS sending alert when a DI status is changing of a threshold is exceeded
  • Transmit data for self-monitoring reports, etc

Download data sheet SOFREL LT42