A wide range for control, exploitation and performance of water and energy networks

SOFREL telemetry solutions enable contract operators to supervise the entire chain in water and energy networks.
From sensors to self-powering data loggers, from telemetry PLCs to central systems and software gateways towards Big Data and Smart Cities, the SOFREL range, specializing in water and energy, meets all the needs of network operators.
Designed to meet the constraints of facilities in difficult environments, SOFREL solutions combine innovation, performance, robustness and ease of use.

Our range of telemetry equipment and customer services

SOFREL’s range of products and software is complemented by a service offer designed to support users at every stage of their telemetry project. Help with project definition and costing, assistance with set-up and training, free hotline, online documentation service and webinars provide an array of services designed to ensure complete autonomy and efficiency in your telemetry-related tasks.

Remote terminal units for remote control and management

Dedicated to the management of water or energy networks, SOFREL SCADA central stations include communication modems and harness their sector-specific functions to monitor sites 24/7, prevent alerts in the event of anomalies, and manage and automate technical facilities.
Using SOFREL telemetry devices, contract operators are therefore able to control their facilities remotely, intervene on motors, pumps or valves… and even automate their facilities’ processes.

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Data loggers IoT


SOFREL IoT data loggers have been specially designed for the remote monitoring of underground hydraulic facilities which are isolated and have no electricity (metering manholes, sewer overflows, etc.). They perform calculations, save and regularly log data from the facilities and communicate it via 2G/4G to the SCADA central stations.
They directly contribute to the performance of drinking water networks by quickly detecting leaking sectors. For waste water, SOFREL data loggers contribute to network self-monitoring and continuous diagnostics.


Solutions for centralizing and operating remote management networks

LACROIX offers software solutions and web servers for centralisation and remote exploitation of data.
Interfaces to the supervisory control software system and third-party solutions of contract operators enable entirely secure opening of SOFREL telemetry networks to all SCADA solutions on the market.



Sensors, Surge protectors and accessories


LACROIX offers a full range of robust and accurate sensors for measuring height, pressure, temperature, etc. They are specially designed to offer optimal performance levels in facilities equipped with SOFREL remote terminal units (data logger energy optimisation, surge protection, etc.).

Designed to ensure maximum defence against over-voltage, SOFREL surge protectors safeguard the operation of telemetry devices subject to severe conditions of use.


Services and support in your telemetry projects


LACROIX is a telemetry and SCADA product manufacturer with great concern for its customers’ complete and long-lasting satisfaction.
To meet this objective, LACROIX Sofrel offers numerous services covering the entire lifecycle of a telemetry system:

  • after-sales maintenance,
  • training,
  • webline documentary area…

10% of the turnover invested per year in R&D for innovative, reliable and always available products

Avantages 3 ans garantie
A 3-year guarantee to rely on its equipment over time
Avantages écoute marché
Respond to market needs to propose equipment adapted to each use
Avantages robustesse
High level EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) electronics to support the most challenging environments
Avantages compatibilité
Software equipment and gateways compatible with all industrial supervisors
Avantages vie
12 years, the average number of years of use of our products in the field
Avantages satisfaction
Satisfaction rate observed by a study conducted with 1300 of our customers