SOFREL LS-Flow data loggers have an RS-485 Modbus for interfacing with an electromagnetic flow meter and one AI input.

A solution for monitoring and reporting data from electromagnetic flow meters

  • Proven reliability of data reported from flow meters
  • Simplified installation and maintenance (no more indexing)
  • Internal monitoring of data in the flow meter

General Features

  • RS-485 MODBUS link for interfacing with SIEMENS MAG 8000, ABB Aquamaster, KROHNE Waterflux and ARAD Octave
  • 1 analog input for SOFREL pressure sensors or remote powering of third-party sensors
  • 1 digital input for standard metering, signalling
  • Calculation of average flows
  • Calculation of night flows
  • Calculation of daily volumes, daily minimum and maximum flow
  • Alert transmitted to mobile via SMS uponchange in DI state, exceeded threshold, sensor fault…
  • Periodic, programmed or event-based communication with 1 or 2 PCs

Download SOFREL LS-Flow data sheet