Correct water distribution network management is a delicate operation for any water operator.Maintaining optimum pressure at all points of the network, offering satisfactory quality of service for water users, preserving time-weakened pipes and spurs against pressure spikes, are difficult duties to reconcile.

The LS Data Loggers offer effective solutions for meeting all of these challenges.

Smart control of pressure sensors

LS devices possess 1 or 2 AIs for continuously measuring water pipe pressures.
Its Analogue Inputs are compatible with all commercially available 4-20mA sensors. The Data Logger powers and controls the sensor at a predetermined frequency, or, in the event of alert threshold overrun, by increasing this frequency to achieve more precise pressure analysis.

In particular, LS-V is able to ensure smart pressure modulation by controlling a two-stage control valve according to demand. By lowering the pressure during periods of low water demand, the Data Logger acts immediately on diffuse leak flow. Water loss is automatically reduced thanks to the action of the Data Logger.

Dynamic pressure management for numerous tasks

This advanced pressure management enables SOFREL LS Data Loggers to perform many tasks:

  • Ensuring correct reduction, stabiliser and controller operation
  • Measuring quality of service levels
  • Optimising network pressure according to time period, flow rate or pressure
  • Varying balanced tank levels
  • Performing sanitary purges
  • Network unravelling
water pressure management