LACROIX is a key player in the water market and has extensive experience in designing equipment and centralisation solutions for water network management. In partnership with major water operators, the company is always looking out for the needs of the water industry.

Today, with its sensors, SOFREL data loggers, Remote Terminal Units and SCADA software, LACROIX is the only company to offer solutions to control and monitor all the infrastructures covered by the water cycle.

Solutions for all your telemetry needs in the water cycle

  • water reservoir telemetry

    Drinking water production

    From catchment to storage, we have solutions for the telemetry of drinking water supply networks

  • water distribution

    Drinking water distribution

    Solutions for district metering and pressure management in drinking water distribution networks

  • water quality measurment

    Wastewater collection and treatment

    Solutions for collecting, treating and monitoring wastewater in the environment