LACROIX Environment

A range of highly modular Remote Terminal Units

The SOFREL S4W local station offers users ever greater simplicity in the daily management of their hydraulic structures.
With S4W, 4 different models are available to adapt to all sizes of structure.

All models in the S4W range feature the same hardware architecture: built-in 2G/3G/4G modems and Ethernet port, with the option of adding extra communication modules to the front panel (radio, RS485, RS232, etc.)

The key difference lies in the number of Inputs/Outputs contained in each product:

  • SOFREL S4W Small: 8DI, 2AI, 2DO
  • SOFREL S4W Medium: 12DI, 2AI, 4DO + possibility of 2 I/O expansion modules
  • SOFREL S4W Large: 16DI, 4AI, 4DO + possibility of 10 I/O expansion modules
  • SOFREL S4W Dual: 8DI

A new RTU with innovative features

SOFREL S4W remote terminal units are very easy to implement and use, thanks to their graphical interface, numerous setup and self-monitoring wizards, the ability to import/export configurations, and much more…

S4W offers a number of brand new features:

Graphical configuration and full management of the lift station

A view representing the lift station enables very simple configuration of your equipment. Pumping automation (1 to 4 pumps) is fully managed by the S4W. The S4W closely monitors pumping efficiency by recording the running times and average flow rates of each pump. Based on these calculations, the S4W is able to detect clogged or worn pumps. Operating in real time, the S4W immediately alerts the operator of any overflow.


An onboard web server for interaction via any mobile terminal

SOFREL S4W users will be able to access their telemetry equipment in complete security from any terminal (smartphone, tablet or PC). The Plug & Play web server (HTML5 and responsive) allows them to monitor and acknowledge alarms, keep track of data, and adjust setpoints remotely using a simple web browser.

It is possible to define up to 20 animated synoptic diagrams per S4W, with the ability to navigate between mimic diagrams. The web server function gives access to dynamic, zoomable information curves to facilitate data and event visualisation.

Secure communication

Efficient, secure communications are core aspects of the S4W offer.
With a multi-operator package, the device offers continuous tests to find the best operator (reception level, network latency, successful transmission %, etc.). According to the quality shown for each signal, communications will take place via the operator producing the best results at that time.
Furthermore, in the event of ADSL outage, the S4W can automatically transfer communications to the 4G interface to ensure continuity of transmissions.