Adopting the necessary measures for network security

With SOFREL S4W, LACROIX meets the needs of communicating solutions for permanently connected water networks. This 4.0 telemetry solution is naturally accompanied by major security requirements.

With cybersecurity becoming a fundamental concern (water operators being officially considered as “Essential Service Providers”), the S4W provides a very high level of protection and security: authentication of users and connected systems, encryption of communications, electronic certificates, traceability of access, etc.

An ideal operating procedure for meeting the latest challenges in water networks

Integrated cybersecurity en

User authentication

  • Individual accounts (login, password)

Authentication of connected systems

  • S4W-Tools, S4-View, S4-Manager, Monitoring, SCADA Central Station, S4W Inter-sites
  • Mutual authentication by electronic certificate

​Data privacy and integrity

  • Encrypted communications
  • Signature of configurations and software


  • Security monitoring (connections, updates, etc.)
  • Safety monitoring (equipment status, system status, etc.)