Beyond remote terminal units, the S4W remote management solution features an ecosystem designed to secure and facilitate the use of remote management networks. SG4000 is a VPN server enabling secure management of communications via the public internet (GSM or ADSL link). S4-Manager is a centralised administration tool for telemetry network users and configurations. S4-Keys, a software program for network security certificate creation, completes the system.

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SOFREL S4-Manager

For the centralised administration of users and configurations

User administration

  • Individual account definition (visibility, rights, password)
  • Automatic updating of all remote terminal units
  • Centralised access badge management

Administration of configurations

  • Backup of all equipment configurations
  • Automatic sharing of configurations between users



VPN server via public internet

Creation of a permanent and secure S4W network, interfaced with central site applications

S4W VPN network

  • Authenticated logins
  • Encrypted exchanges
  • Automatic re-establishment of connections

Interface with central site LAN

  • RTU VPN / central LAN firewall
  • Sector-specific applications: SCADA central station, monitoring, management
  • access, etc.

SOFREL S4-Keys, the network authentication key

Certificate creation software for all products in the ecosystem

  • Certifying authority for all software and RTUs in the telemetry network
  • Certificate issuing and management
SOFREL S4-keys