All our SMART TECHNOLOGIES serving your networks

10% of turnover invested in product innovation to provide you with the best technologies

As a major player in the IoT world, LACROIX is an expert in electronics, industrial computing, telecommunications, automation and cybersecurity.

It has its own hardware and software design departments and invests more than 10% of its turnover every year in Research and Development. In our increasingly connected world, LACROIX is positioning itself as a leader in “Connected technologies for a smarter environment”.

Smart equipment for water networks

Designed for monitoring, automating and managing water networks remotely, SOFREL’s products are part of the IIoT universe (Industrial Internet of Things). They make it possible to remotely collect technical information (e.g. level, pressure, flow rate, temperature and water quality), record it and send it using a variety of communication channels (e.g. 3G/4G, radio link, ADSL, ethernet, etc.).

Since their products are able to communicate and interact, SOFREL equipements also offer M2M communication solutions (Machine to Machine) to optimise the operation of isolated or geographically separated installations.

Designed to be easy to install and use while also being extremely robust, SOFREL products ensure the performance and longevity of water network operators’ investments.

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