Our approach for a
smarter environment

We have given real thought to how water and energy usage is going to change as networks are becoming digitalized and are fully committed to the smart environment. This can be seen in our development of connected solutions and products which enable water and energy network operators to better harness natural resources and improve their performance for the community.

Due to environmental constraints, the effects of global warming and the need to conserve resources, these uses are changing. Operators in France and around the world as well as elected officials who directly distribute water and energy are well aware of these new major challenges.

Our responsibility as a long-time partner is to offer them solutions for transforming, enhancing and distributing their resources.

Smart Technology, innovation

Smart data – 2

We are not talking about broad future goals which are out of touch with reality. What we are doing is working with our customers and partners to establish a link between the present and the future while helping them to better manage technological developments.

As we are well aware of the challenges which have arisen from the latest technological developments, we rely on the skills and highly specialized expertise of our teams while taking care not to force the rapidly evolving technology on them.


Smart Water, water network telemetry

Smart water 2

LACROIX’s Environment activity is a key player in the smart water market and has extensive experience in designing equipment and centralisation solutions for water network management. In partnership with major water operators, the company is always looking out for the needs of the water industry.

Today, with its sensors, IoT data loggers, telemetry devices and central supervision stations, LACROIX is the only company to offer solutions for managing and monitoring all infrastructures involved in the water cycle.