LX SCADA is LACROIX’s latest supervision solution for the control and monitoring of water and HVAC telemetry networks, offering you power, flexibility, and interoperability to establish comprehensive supervision. It allows you to manage your installations with simplicity, monitor your network data in real-time, and gain complete visibility into your operations.

With LX Configurator, the swift integration of your SOFREL stations is streamlined, saving you valuable time. Moreover, the supervisor is also open to third-party equipment through its numerous protocols, providing extended compatibility for simplified management of your water network.

Its user-friendly features make it an essential tool for optimizing your operations and ensuring reliable and efficient water treatment and supply.

The strengths of LX SCADA

  • Configuration and data operation from any internet browser
  • Compatibility with a variety of communication protocols, including OPC UA, WEB Services, MQTT, Modbus, IEC, DNP3
  • LX Configurator configuration workshop for simplified management of your SOFREL stations
  • Use of LACROIX SmartTemplates for automated modeling of facilities
  • Custom creation of graphical synoptics with GraphWorX
  • Real-time alarm management and on-call duty scheduling for proactive network monitoring

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Advanced features and a set of tools to help you implement a comprehensive SCADA application

LX Configurator: instantly create your SOFREL stations and facilities

The key advantage of LX SCADA lies in its configuration tool, LX Configurator. Thanks to this exceptionally efficient tool, the creation of your stations is streamlined, saving you considerable time.

The supervisor offers numerous graphical templates representing predefined views of standard facilities such as reservoirs, lifting stations, pumping stations, DMA chambers, venturi channels, and many more. You can import variables from SOFREL equipment, and the implementation of the facility takes only a few clicks.

Moreover, LX Configurator allows you to instantly generate curves and dashboards associated with the facility, thus facilitating the supervision of your installations.


ICONICS Workbench: Advanced Integration and Interoperability

The integration of third-party products is also at the core of our solution. With the ICONICS Workbench, you can incorporate third-party equipment into your telemetry network. LX SCADA offers compatibility with numerous communication protocols, such as OPC UA, MQTT, Webservices, Modbus, DNP3, IEC104, allowing you to easily connect all stations compatible with these standard protocols.

With LX SCADA, you gain a 360° view of your water network, regardless of the deployed equipment, providing you with complete control over your facilities.


ICONICS GraphWorx: Custom Synoptic Creation

If the SmartTemplates SOFREL don’t fully meet your expectations, with the GraphWorX workshop and its comprehensive library of graphical elements and animated objects, create your own custom synoptics. This powerful solution provides the flexibility needed to step-by-step design synoptics that perfectly match the specificities of your facilities, allowing you to customize your supervision optimally.



Real-time Field Data Exploitation

With LX SCADA, easily access pre-configured dashboards for each facility, plot curves and histograms on-the-fly, perform cross-data analyses between multiple stations, and export your data with simplicity. This ease of data access enables you to make informed decisions to optimize your operations.




Dynamic Mapping

The mapping interface of LX SCADA highlights the location of all network equipment while displaying essential data for each facility. Specific colors are used for instant identification of equipment with communication issues or in alarm state. Additionally, the interface provides the option to integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allowing you to seamlessly and conveniently visualize the network pipelines.







LX SCADA is the result of a remarkable collaboration between ICONICS, a globally renowned supervisory solutions provider, and the development teams at LACROIX. This cutting-edge solution leverages technological advancements from the GENESYS 64 software suite, combined with LACROIX’s recognized expertise in the water and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) management sectors.