Software interfaces guaranteeing open communication

SOFREL OPC servers are standard software interfaces offering a broad range of communication possibilities between SOFREL devices and industrial supervisors.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a set of protocols for data exchange between industrial software that removes users from the barriers imposed by proprietary protocols.

  • OPC DA : Historical standard dedicated to Windows environment,
  • OPC UA : Updated standard open to the IP environment, natively integrating multi-machine security and IT security aspects

LACROIX Sofrel has committed fully to this approach and offer an OPC server software suite enabling supervisors with an «OPC client» interface to communicate in OPC DA or OPC UA with all SOFREL RTUs and data loggers.

Main functions

  • Access all data on a network of SOFREL devices
  • Transmit setpoints and operating parameters
  • Dual access support in the event of a malfunction
  • Available services in the form of lists

Download the SOFREL OPC documentation


Capacity :

  • Up to 500 Remote Terminal Units and 2000 data loggers
  • 8 communication ports
  • 1 Ethernet link


  • PC with the Windows operating system

Communication :

  • Ethernet, GSM Data and SMS, PSTN, DL/PL, serial link