Since its foundation in 1978, Tecnilab Portugal, S.A. has had a history of success in Portugal and across the world.

Tecnilab Portugal S.A. has stood out over the years thanks to the quality of its work, the search for new solutions that create value for its customers and, above all, the permanent innovation that aids their products and solutions in reaching levels of excellence in the domestic and international water markets.

We practice a management focused on quality and long-term customer satisfaction.


  • Data logging, telemetry and remote metering solutions
  • Automation and remote management solutions
  • Monitoring and efficiency control in water supply and distribution networks
  • Process instrumentation
  • Filtration and desinfection systems for raw, potable and waste water
  • Specific software development for several applications, namely in web environment

Water competencies

We are pioneers in the development of turnkey solutions for the monitoring, optimization of lifting, collection, distribution, storage and treatment infrastructures for drinking water, wastewater and rainwater. As well as in the control, monitoring and improvement of energy efficiency of these infrastructures.

The reasons why we propose SOFREL solutions to our customers

The partnership between Tecnilab and SOFREL has existed for more than 20 years, and SOFREL is a great ally in the growth of the business.

SOFREL’s solutions presented by LACROIX are robust, reliable in term of communication and measurements, data storage, easy to install and set-up, and economically viable, always following the existing technological evolution.

Main references

  • EDIA (700 DL)
  • TRATAVE (Supervision, 50 DL)
  • Alto Minho (Supervision, 200 RTU, 600 DL)
  • BeWater (Supervision, 70 RTU, 120 DL)
  • SMAS MAFRA (Supervision, 40 RTU, 30 DL)
  • Águas do Funchal (350 DL)
  • Santa Cruz (60 DL, 25 RTU)
  • AdGaia (80 DL e 40 RTU)
  • Tejo Ambiente (70 RTU e 150 DL)

Practical information

Rua Gregório Lopes, Lote 1512 B | 1449-041 Lisboa - Portugal