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This is the number of SOFREL LS/LT data loggers that provide remote monitoring of drinking water and wastewater networks worldwide.

Connected equipment to ensure the performance of water networks

In addition to its remote terminal units for telemetry (Sofrel S500, S4W, S4TH), since 2008 LACROIX Sofrel has developed a range of data loggers intended for District Metering Area of drinking water networks and self-monitoring of waste water networks. Intended to be installed in difficult environments (underground and floodable metering manholes) or on very isolated sites, this IIoT equipment must be perfectly watertight (IP68 to be submersible) and powered autonomously by integrated lithium batteries to guarantee up to 10 years of operating autonomy.

The Sofrel LS range is mainly intended for drinking water applications with uses for network district metering, remote reading of “large consumer” meters, leak detection, pressure and/or flow monitoring, control and operation of regulation valves, water quality monitoring, etc.

The Sofrel LT range is intended for rainwater and wastewater networks for uses such as: monitoring of flows and levels, monitoring of storm overflows, rainfall control, monitoring of wastewater quality, etc. ATEX versions can be installed in areas at risk of explosion.

A dedicated Cloud platform

Among these data loggers that monitor the performance and security of water networks, more than 20,000 are connected to the Sofrel WEB LS data centralisation Cloud platform. This totally secure solution allows network operators to access data controlled and recorded by their data loggers at any time and in any place via a cartographic interface.