LACROIX Environment

Faced with the development of digital communication tools, LACROIX Sofrel has embarked on a digitalisation process targeting its communication and promotional tools, all while ensuring that the customer remains at the heart of its communication.

A new responsive and customer-focused website

At the end of 2019, a new LACROIX Sofrel website was launched. With a brand new design to be more consistent with the other LACROIX Group sites, the new website stands out from its predecessor thanks to improved user-friendliness that facilitates the search for information according to the visitors’ expectations: entry by use cases or by products. Smart stories are regularly added to the news on the site’s landing page in the form of updates, customer testimonials, expert opinions, in-depth analyses, interviews, etc.

Designed to be viewed on smart phones, PCs or tablets, the site is totally “responsive” and optimised for fluid display and browsing.

Integrated access to the Sofrel Webline customer technical portal and the availability of brochures and datasheets for download allow our customers to easily access the technical information they need for their projects.

With more than 510 pages of content in 4 languages and 115,000 visitors in 1 year, the LACROIX Sofrel website has become the real digital showcase of the smart environment.

A social media communication strategy for informing and sharing content easily

In the age of new social media, LACROIX Sofrel had to be present and active on social media at the national and international level. With its company pages on LinkedIn, Tweeter, Youtube and Facebook in French, English, Spanish and Italian, LACROIX Sofrel has built a community of more than 6000 subscribers. Every week, ten or so posts dealing with, among others, market news, LACROIX Sofrel events, customer testimonials, new products, use cases, smart stories and technological news inform our subscribers about the life of the company, its products and market developments.

Webinars to facilitate information sharing and training

In a world of lockdown constraints imposed by the COVID pandemic, where remote working is developing more and more, LACROIX Sofrel has evolved its communication to provide webinars and distance training.  Whether focusing on product features (Sofrel S4W, S4TH, PCWin, etc.), information sessions on technologies (cybersecurity, IP communication, 3G, 4G, Nb-IoT, etc.) or distance learning, more than 70 webinars with nearly 1,800 participants have been organised over the last 6 months.

A Sales Enablement application for our sales forces

In order to facilitate the presentation of our solutions and products by our sales teams, they have all been equipped with tablets hosting an application called “Sales Enabler”, which can be used in offline or connected mode.  This application presents SOFREL’s solutions in response to customer needs according to a graphical representation of its water or energy network. Navigating this application involves identifying the issues at stake for each use case, the expected benefits for the customer and finally the solution provided by Sofrel in terms of products. This application embeds all SOFREL’s digital documentation (brochures, datasheets, solution sheets, case studies, videos, etc.) in order to provide our sales force with all the tools for presenting the company and its products in a simple tablet. At the end of an appointment, the sales representative can automatically generate an e-mail for immediate dispatch of the information presented to the customer.