Wastewater flow measurement by radar sensor

SOFREL LT-Radar is an ideal IoT device for accurate measurement and continuous monitoring of throughput in collectors or releases in the natural environment.

Watertight (IP68), equipped with an high-performance GSM antenna, the SOFREL LT-Radar meets the instrumentation needs of wastewater and rainwater networks.

Autonomous thanks to its long lasting internal battery, the LT-Radar data logger manages and supplies electricity to an FMR 20 radar sensor (Endress Hauser). An external power supply can be used to enable the radar to perform continuous measurements and the data logger to feed back the data (measurements, flow calculations, number and duration of overflows, etc.) to the operating systems in real time.

Simple to use and equipped with an RJ45 connection for a Modbus link with the radar, SOFREL LT-Radar regularly acquires and transmits diagnostic information (signal quality, error code, etc.) from the radar. The sensor is calibrated directly and graphically using the SOFTOOLS software.
The Modbus protocol allows remote access to sensor status and diagnostic information, which facilitates preventive maintenance on the field.

SOFREL LT-Radar provides a perfectly optimised solution for the remote monitoring and operation of waste water and rainwater networks:

  • Regulatory self-monitoring of networks and combined sewer overflows
  • Continuous diagnostics
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Management of physico-chemical sensors for water quality control or pollution detection…

Main functions

Offering an RJ45 connection to interface directly with a radar, 2 digital inputs (DI) for indicating events (open manhole cover, switching to overflow, sensor failure, etc.) and 1 optional analogue input (AI) (level measurement), SOFREL LT-Radar brings together functions offering the possibility of:

  • Simultaneously measuring heights in the main channel via a US probe and in the overflow channel using the radar,
  • Calculate daily overflow numbers and times,
  • Time-stamp each overflow event
  • Automatically archive water height according to variable time periods
  • Control an autonomous sampler
  • SMS sending alert when a DI status is changing of a threshold is exceeded
  • Periodic, programmed or event-based communication with 1 or 2 PC

Download SOFREL LT-Radardata sheet