Devices for water and energy networks

SOFREL telemetry devices feature functions dedicated to the water or energy sectors. They are modular by design, and include communication modems and input-output modules enabling their adaptation to any type of facility.

Accessible to non-specialists in process control, these devices offer ready-to-use features such as alarm reporting, data archiving, balance calculation via a human-machine interface in clear language, enabling simple and immediate use.

Nonetheless, telemetry PLCs can support complete process control suites.  They therefore enable trained personnel to conduct process control or complete regulation of their facility with their SOFREL device.

Remote management of water networks

  • S4W

    Postes locaux de télégestion 4.0 SOFREL S4W

    Solution cybersécurisée pour des réseaux d’eau connectés


  • S500

    Remote Terminal Unit S500

    Modular Telemetry and SCADA remote terminal units for remote control and management


  • HF-BOX

    Transmetteurs d’informations autonomes BOX

    Transmetteurs autonomes pour sites isolés.