Data transmitter designed for radio remote monitoring

Developed specifically for the remote monitoring of small isolated installations without any energy source, SOFREL HF-BOX is a battery-powered data transmitter that communicates via a dedicated or private line.

Very easy to use, this HF-BOX solution is particularly suited to slave control between the reservoir and the pumping station.

Equipped with 6 digital inputs and two 2 analog inputs, it acquires control data (signals, levels, metering, etc.), can be viewed locally via the display unit or can communicate between RTUs to a SOFREL S500 or S4W RTU located at the pumping station.

Main characteristics:

  • Box with display unit and configuration thumbwheel
  • 6 digital inputs (2 of which can be used for metering)
  • 2 analog inputs
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • 4 years’ battery life
  • Unlicensed radio communication

Download the HF-BOX documentation SOFREL BOX