A new Smart RTU for water network telemetry

LACROIX Presents SOFREL YDRIX a new modular RTU entirely dedicated to remote control of hydraulic structures.
Designed to meet the needs of water network operators and localities, SOFREL YDRIX RTU combines integrated 4G communication, cybersecurity and process control in a single product.
SOFREL YDRIX can be very easily interfaced with pumps, valves, sensors and modbus equipment present at the hydraulic facilities. Fully modular and offering “water business” function blocks, SOFREL YDRIX adapts to all types and sizes of installation.

A RTU with many assets

  • 2G/3G/4G & Ethernet integrated communication,
  • Real-time remote management,
  • Automation fonction with dedicated water library blocks
  • VPN & Cybersecurity,
  • DNP3 & IEC compliant,
  • Inter-sites M2M communication,
  • Easy network management…

More info about SOFREL YDRIX