Improving the efficiency of distribution networks and regulating pressure

SOFREL LS data loggers help water network operators to perform diagnostics and analyses. They take daily readings from the meters and flow meters, regularly measure the pressure in the pipes (pressure sensor powered by the LS), record the measurements and send them to the main system. This makes it possible to detect anomalies in the network such as overpressure or insufficient pressure.

By analysing the data provided by the LS (e.g. daily volumes, maximum flows, night flows) over long periods of time, it is possible to assess the network’s performance. The network diagnostic also makes it possible to create consumption reports and identify the sectors with the most leakage.

Remote readings of “major consumer” / interconnection meters

So-called “major consumer” customers have a strong influence on the distribution network. Remote reading and reckoning of their consumption levels is thus needed to carry out network diagnostics.
Similarly, interconnection meters can be regularly read for billing between networks.


water remote reading

District metering of water networks

Preserving water resources, monitoring volumes flowing through networks, locating leaks, making savings and reducing unbilled water volumes are some of the daily concerns of contract operators. Network district metering offers an effective solution to this permanent challenge.

SOFREL LS offers many innovative solutions for leak detection and plays an important role in improving the performance of water networks


DMA data logger

Dynamic pressure management

Correct water distribution network management is a delicate operation for any water operator. Maintaining optimum pressure at all points of the network, offering satisfactory quality of service for water users, preserving time-weakened pipes and spurs against pressure spikes, are difficult duties to reconcile.

The LS Data Loggers offer effective solutions for meeting all of these challenges…


water pressure management

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