LACROIX Environment

The preservation and optimal management of water resources are now crucial imperatives on a global scale. Demand for water continues to grow in the face of the growing challenge of climate change, while available resources are dwindling. To help local authorities meet this challenge, we have designed FLOWRIZON, LACROIX’s digital offering for optimizing the performance of water and HVAC networks, based on three major applications: LX CONNECT, LX SCADA, and AQUAWIZE.


LX CONNECT is a data centralization platform, deployed either in Edge Computing close to the network or in a Cloud environment. It automates cybersecurity and simplifies the management of LACROIX equipment. At the heart of the remote management network, LX CONNECT enables operators to monitor the operation of their SOFREL S4W and S4TH equipment in real time, and to plan large-scale software updates and corrective versions.
To ensure network cybersecurity, certificates – the equipment’s digital passports – need to be regularly renewed. The LX CONNECT platform monitors the validity of certificates daily and regenerates them with the Microsoft PKI before they expire.


LX SCADA is an advanced solution for supervising and monitoring water networks. This full-web offering provides power, flexibility, and interoperability, simplifying the real-time control and monitoring of water infrastructures.
Thanks to LX Configurator, SOFREL’s equipment parameterization tool, rapid station integration is facilitated, saving considerable time.
LX SCADA is open to third-party equipment via its numerous protocols, offering extensive compatibility. Its user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool for optimizing operations, ensuring reliable water treatment and supply.
Highlights include data configuration and operation from any Internet browser, compatibility with various communication protocols, an easy-to-use LX Configurator, customized graphical overviews with GraphWorX, real-time alarm management, and dynamic mapping for easy network and equipment visualization.


AQUAWIZE offers data analysis dashboards using Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify consumption irregularities in water networks. Complementary to supervision, AQUAWIZE offers in-depth analysis of field data via multi-dimensional dashboards, meeting the diverse needs of water utilities.
AQUAWIZE’s sectorization application can detect many undetected leaks and increase network efficiency by identifying leak-prone areas.
AQUAWIZE uses AI to correlate subscriber meter data with sectorization information, highlighting underperforming sectors and identifying leaks in real time. Integrated into the operator’s supervision tool, AQUAWIZE automates data analysis after a learning phase, significantly reducing repetitive tasks by up to 96%.

FLOWRIZON retains the distinctive qualities of LACROIX products: user-friendly operation and ease of implementation. This entirely web-based offering enables data to be configured and processed from any Internet browser. The three applications can be subscribed to independently of each other, and used individually or in synergy.