For all your level measurement needs, we provide SOFREL sensors qualified to operate with SOFREL data loggers and local stations.
Reliable and precise, they can be adapted to your environment: drinking water or wastewater, immersed or non-contact probes…


Submersible piezoresistive level sensor with high-quality stainless steel membrane for drinking water level measurement. ACS certified, this sensor is used to measure water levels in reservoirs, tanks, wells, etc. It determines water level by measuring the differential pressure between the liquid surface and the bottom of the reservoir in which it is immersed.


Submersible level sensor with capacitive ceramic membrane for wastewater level measurement. This sensor enables level measurement in lifting stations despite the effluents present in wastewater collection networks, which can be very harsh.


Sensor for overflow detection. It detects overflows in Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) either downstream of the overflow, on the bottom of the pipe, or upstream of the overflow, at the level of the overflow blade. Its reliable detection will enable accurate readings to be taken when it is covered by effluent. Once the overflow has been detected, the data logger can drive a US probe or a radar sensor to accelerate measurement during the rainwater discharge period.


Non-contact ultrasonic level probe. Compatible only with SOFREL LT-US and SOFREL Open Sensor HP data loggers.


Non-contact level sensor with radar technology.