Fresh water pumping management

Collecting and pumping clear surface or groundwater requires substantial investments in pumping stations. However, the energy expenditure required to supply power to pump blocks is much higher when you consider the average life cycle of a pumping system. Over a ten-year period, energy costs represent almost 85% of the total cost. Telemetry aims to reduce this expense by optimising pumping and encouraging pumping to happen during the off-peak hours for electricity.

In addition to optimising pumping, automation can reduce operation costs, especially for the preventive maintenance of pumps by regulating the starts, stops and permutations of pumps and by recording the number of starts and the operation times for each pump.

When it comes to pumping stations and drilling, telemetry allows you to address other issues such as site security (access control) and monitoring the quality of pumped water via sensors.

Our SOFREL solutions for managing and optimising the operation of pumping stations

  • Communicate between the pumping station and the storage tank (intersite)
  • Control and monitor the pumping process
  • Optimize pumping according to electricity pricing
  • Inspect the flow rate of the pumps and their efficiency
  • Calculate the volumes collected from the environment
  • Control the physico-chemical parameters of the water
  • Control and manage access to structures
  • Detect intrusions
  • View data on site and remotely
  • Be alerted immediately in case of malfunction
pumping and drilling station