The SOFREL S500 range is no longer available for sale. It is replaced by the SOFREL S4W range

Remote management and process control of lift stations

Equipped with the “Waste water treatment” software extension, the Remote Terminal Units of the SOFREL S500 range installed on the pumping stations or purification plants enable effective monitoring of the waste water networks

Functions dedicated to waste water treatment

Process control

  • Pump operation permutations
  • Operating safety measures
  • Recognising sensor faults
  • Excess flow processing


  • Running time and start count for pumps
  • Pumped volumes (hourly and daily)
  • Inflow
  • Flow from pumps
  • Number and duration of overflows
  • Detection of clogged pumps
  • Detection of parasite water

Download documentation for the S500 Waste water treatment application

Configuration in an intuitive graphic environment

  • Parameters accessible from a graphic view of the lif station
  • Simple, fast implementation
  • Operational flexibility

Optimal operation

  • Graphical display: overview of lift station status (tank level, faults, etc. )
  • Internet browser: consultation of alarm and operational logs (tables, start/stop curves for pumps, flows, etc.)
  • Voice server and SMS: fault reported via alarm to duty officers
  • Telemetry and SCADA PC: database archiving of operational statuses, volumes and flows