Both sturdy and accurate, the SOFREL range of sensors offers the best performance for installations equipped with SOFREL RTUs

Level and pressure sensors for drinking water networks

CNPI: submerged piezoresistive pressure sensor with a high-quality stainless steel membrane

This ACS-certified sensor measures the water level in reservoirs, tanks, drill holes… It determines the water level by measuring the difference in pressure between the surface of the liquid and the bottom of the reservoir in which it is submerged.

CNPR: piezoresistive pressure sensor for a 1/4″ DIN 3852 gas coupling with a high-quality stainless steel membrane

It measures the pressure on hydraulic or pneumatic pipes. It connects to a standard thread and delivers a signal proportional to the pressure in the pipe.

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Level and pressure sensors for waste water treatment networks

CNPA: submersible pressure sensor with capacitive ceramic membrane

CSV: Sensor for the detection of overflows

It detects overflows in sewer overflows either downstream of the overflow, on the bottom of the pipe, or upstream of the overflow, at the weir. Its reliable detection delivers accurate readings when it is covered by effluents.